Shopify Shipping Integration

Updated on 16 October, 2019

Integrate the world's leading e-commerce platforms with your logistics software in one click. The platform allows you and your customers to integrate their online Shopify stores with the platform without any coding knowledge. Integrating online stores will allow to Import orders directly from the store and ship it easily. Both automatic order import and manual order import gives you better control over the orders which need to be imported and shipped.

Once you integrate the Shopify you can search orders which need to be imported and shipped by date, order status, payment status, and fulfillment status. Order import screen gives you a multi-select option as seen below to quickly select orders which you want to import.

All the imported orders will be automatically marked as shipped on your Shopify store via webhooks. Also, the newly generated tracking number and tracking link will be pushed to the Shopify store for the particular order. This will be notified to the customer via email so they can track the order further by clicking on the link.

This feature provides perfect shipping & tracking experience to your customers who have Shopify online stores.

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