Shipping Charges

Updated on 21 August, 2019

While many brands start out in taking a simplistic approach like offering free shipping, the most successful merchants use strategic shipping charges option to differentiate themselves from their competition and increase margins.

Offering the right shipping rates and options to your customers is crucial to your success. And it's not cost that makes a difference. Offering the right shipping options to your customers at the right time plays a critical role in reducing cart abandonment and increasing revenue.

The "Shipping charges" feature is a quick list on how to properly think through what you can offer, including when and why, to maximize sales and decrease costs.

Setup your own list of charges to apply the shipment fee. List of charge types can be set in the administration wizard called shipment settings. Adding new charges to the shipment will automatically update the total freight charge and shows list of charges applied for the grand total. You can also apply discount for the shipments by applying negative charges with the charge type discount value with (-) symbol.

Shipping Charges

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