Shipment Tracking

Updated on 24 May, 2020

Tracking shipment is one of the key factors in the logistic platform which endorses your identity in the market. Ask anyone shipping or receiving a package what's important, and you'll hear reliability. So we created tracking technology that empowers you to see, solve, and meet expectations- locally, globally.

Customer satisfaction in terms of shipment update is always high with platform with the help of email notifications and live updates. Shipment tracking page gives enough information about the customer shipment which will reduce the customer enquiries towards the shipment. Publicly available tracking and immediate email notifications will let your customers track their shipments without logging into the system. With updates you get better visibility of your shipment's whereabouts along with the estimated time of its delivery.

Online Tracking

With platform, keep a close eye on all your shipments from a single platform. Our automated tracking updates help you have a detailed insight into your shipment's movement.

Live Tracking

Live tracking links can be sent all the customers once the shipment is assigned to drivers for pickup or delivery. You can also automate this process by setting auto live tracking settings on the admin portal. The live tracking link will provide accurate information about the delivery and estimation to customers and engage them more compared to offline tracking.

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