Shipment Items and Products

Updated on 30 July, 2020

There are many factors that should be evaluated and taken into consideration when it comes to deciding how you'll approach and manage things like pricing, packaging, inventory management, and product fulfillment. To ensure that you're able to build a strategy that meets the needs of your customers and business Waybill platform provides you "Shipment items and products" feature.

Manage the products in the shipment anytime on manage product section. You can add new products to the existing shipment. Also, products can be merged between two shipments using the merge option. Unlimited products can be added into one shipment using multirow form inputs.

Shipment items and products

Multiple Items

Waybill allows you to add multiple items in one shipment and get consolidated weight and cost of the shipment automatically. Also, volumetric weight will be calculated automatically using the formula configured on the settings section. By default system configured to use greater weight between actual weight and volumetric weight.


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