Introduction provides a complete solution for any logistics business. The list of features turns this software into a complete logistics software, where you can manage your logistics business through online by just logging into the portal. Let's see what are the types of logistics business covered by logistics management software suite.

Procurement Logistics

Automate your raw material supply chain processes and storage management prcoesses in one cloud based logistics software platform.

Use Cases: Procuring Raw Materials and Parts Procurement logistics is the flow of goods when the raw materials and parts necessary for manufacturing are procured from suppliers. This field did not attract much attention before, but now that small-lot production of a variety of models is the main type of production, many firms are actively pursuing production by procuring the necessary materials in only the necessary amounts at the necessary times (the shift to just-in-time production) because it is directly connected to reducing inventory costs.

Logistics Software For Material Supply
Logistics Software For Production

Production Logistics

Our barcode enabled Warehouse and Distribution management solutions makes your checkin and checkout process easier than before.

Use Cases: Materials Management, Distribution in Factories, Product Management, Shipping Production logistics is the flow of goods that includes the management of procured parts and materials, distribution inside a factory, product management, packaging, and shipping to the warehouse. Delivery management, warehouse dispatch management, and shipping management can be optimized and the state of delivery vehicles can be managed by smoothly linking procurement logistics and sales logistics described later.

Sales Logistics

Power your last-mile delivery services for e-commerce vendors with our advance tools and integrations to increase your team delivery potential.

Use Cases: Delivery from Warehouse to Wholesalers, Retailers, and Consumers Logistics typically refers to sales logistics. In the past, this was mainly delivery from delivery centres and logistics warehouses to distribution points such as wholesalers and retailers. But now direct delivery also makes up a large amount of this volume due to online shopping and e-commerce. Whether delivery through delivery centres and logistics warehouses or direct delivery from production sites, higher efficiency in transportation and delivery and shrinking inventory are indispensable for delivering the necessary goods to the necessary people in the necessary quantities at the necessary time.

Logistics Software For Ecommerce Delivery
Logistics Software For Recovery Logistics

Recovery Logistics

Optimize your container based shipping process management for mass transport communities which includes Air, Sea and Road transport containers.

Use Cases: Recovering and Recycling Products, Containers, and Packaging If the flow of goods from production to consumption by procurement logistics, production logistics, and sales logistics are described using the circulatory system of the body, it would be said to be forward logistics. On the other hand, recovery logistics or reverse logistics is the flow that recovers and recycles products, containers, and packaging that have fulfilled their role. Similar to recycling logistics described later, the emphasis is being placed on this flow in recycling-oriented societies.

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