We are living in an age where e-commerce want and expect the shipping to happen without any hassle. Therefore, merchants are having hard time to find right shipping partner to their business. offers customized delivery solution with attractive features like smart integrations to all known ecommerce platforms. Also, provides API services to allow marchants intagrate with platforms. This demand of quick deliveries from the customers has made life difficult for the e-commerce businesses. Nowadays, e-commerce businesses face a lot of problems such as missed deliveries, right resource allocation, missing packages, etc. However, all this can be solved in a short with Delivery Management Software that will make your last mile delivery lightning fast and smooth.

Store integrations made easy

We offer smart integrations to most of the e-commerce stores to allow your clients to import the orders directly from the portal. Addionally we offer standard API services to allow your clients to intagrate the platform from any web services. This allows your clients to automate their shipping flow and configure various trigger events based on their business logic.

Store integrations

Delivery Software offers direct inetgration to Shopify, WooCoomerce, Magento and most of the e-commerce platforms.

API integrations

API services allows your clients to automate order shipping process from any web services using these secure API services.


Webhooks allows your clients to configure webhooks for all the events and execute different triggers from their end.


With the help of Delivery software powerful tools you can automate the entire business process to run without any hassle.

Store integrations
Delivery Software

Make your driver’s task easy

Make your driver’s job easy with driver application that has several rich features in addition to the interactive and intuitive user interface.

Delivery route planning

Drivers can deliver their parcel in simple and easy way by using route optimization feature which results in the reduction of average delivery time.

Easy Customer Communication

With our driver application, the driver can communicate with customer in case of any query regarding the parcel or location.

Proof of delivery

Driver application simplifies the completion requirements for drivers with in-app barcode, QR, and signatures

Delivery record

Driver application helps the driver to view the summary of all the completed orders by using filters like month, wee, and day.

Bring a smile with last mile

Bring a smile on your customer’s face with a last mile delivery. Satisfy their needs with a robust integrated communication, strong feedback process, and real-time updates.

Real-time notifications

Provide real-time notifications to customers about the ETA or any possible delays in their deliveries with our courier management software.

Feedback system

Establish strong communication between your delivery boys and customers by allowing your customers to call/message/chat etc.

Track order in real-time

Send SMS to your customer with a link for the real-time tracking of their order. The link will redirect the customers to the responsive web tracking.

Assess your delivery service

Allow your customers to assess the delivery service and share feedback which would help you to improve the overall performance.

Delivery Software Optimized Processing

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