Lead Integrations

Updated on 29 July, 2020
Lead Integrations

Waybill.work logistics software platform offers lead integration features to integrate your website leads into the platform to manage them better. Waybill.work offers various forms and customizable form builder application to build your own form and integrate into your websites.

Form Builder

Form builder helps to create form templates and save them with a unique name to identify your leads easily. Form builder also allows to customize the form fields and layouts based on your website appearance.  Form builder also accepts custom-designed HTML template to directly upload into the system. 

Auto Response

You can configure the email address to receive the lead notifications. Email notifications for every lead will be sent to the email address configured to the form and auto-response to the customers. Additionally, you can also configure auto-response emails to the customers which will be sent to the customer email automatically after submitting the lead. This will help to increase your online availability to your website visitors.  

Lead Management

Managing lead with Waybill.work is easy. You can assign the leads to different staffs and allow them to follow the leads further independently. Lead management includes status updates, sending followup emails and much more to simplify your lead management process.

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