Setup your business account

Once you have decided to use waybill.work for your business, then its real quick process to set things up. First, create your business account through our simple signup page or send your business information to info@waybill.work with subject note "Sign up for waybill.work", our team will set up an account for you in a few minutes.


Configure your business

Post creation of business account it's all ready to go live except few basic business setups and software configurations that are needed to be completed in order to see flawless experience. Mandatory settings are SMTP details for email notifications and users roles and permissions.



Publish the link

After the configuration and customization, the unique sub-domain link is ready to use on your website tracking link buttons. Also, you can link the login and registration buttons on your website to the new URL. Note that if you would like to transfer your existing customer base to the system you can do that on customer upload section.


Invite your employees & customers

Last, make sure your tracking software link is updated on your website and your employees are aware of the new link. Bulk email with the new link & details sent to your customers and employees would be the right way to achieve this. Also, update your old tracking software links (if any) with your new link.

Own it

Get Started

If you have made your decision to start using this platform, go ahead and press on the following button to get a license in less than a minute.

Pay per use
Call us to get the approximate estimation of cost.