Global Congifurations

Updated on 30 July, 2020

Configure site-wide global values like default currency and default weight scales. This global configuration will help to organize the shipments in the system. Each shipment can be defined by the specific currency and weight scale. In the case of shipments without specific values will carry the globally configured values as default values.


Business owners can set their timezones based on their business operation region. Settings correct timezone makes tracking information more accurate for customers while tracking their shipments.


This section allows business owners to configure their business identity for the entire applications including main logo, icon images and invoice branding images. These site identity configurations can be easily modified at any point in time.

Default values

Setting default values like currencies and weight scales help when business uses multi-currency shipping charges. These defaults directly used for all the shipments which are not assigned for particular currency or scales.


Create promotional banners and publish them on customer dashboard and login screens to give more personalized look for your application. This supports multiple banners which will be shown in set intervals for the customers.

Features toggling

This section allows business owners to enable/disable application features. This includes features like language translators, showing rate calculators, restricting access to pages, rate system type, fleet management, autofill behaviour and much more settings.

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