Fleet Management

Updated on 29 July, 2020 Live Tracker

Waybill.work provides fleet tracking options for administrators to track the exact location of the driver or movement of the driver through the interactive map facility. Once the driver installs the mobile application of their software they can enable/disable tracking on their app interface. Every 30 meters driver location will be updated on the platform to show a live movement of the vehicle on the map.

Fleet tracking methods
Fleets can be tracked in two ways one is a smartphone GPS service and GPS device attached with the vehicles. For smartphone tracking driver need to install the mobile app on their smartphone and allow track location facility in the application. Smartphone tracking working every minute and monitor driver location change and update the backend for accurate tracking. GPS devices installed with vehicles can be tracked directly through tracking links provided by the GPS vendors. Also, you save GPS tracking link in the system along with vehicle information so you can track the vehicles directly from the system.

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