The following are the guaranteed features of our product.

Features for secure & faster growth.

We have some of the best features that you can use to make your business operate faster and secure. We use advanced technology to ensure that our clients are always safe online. We have a dedicated team who will help you with any issue you encounter. We have 24/7 customer support available on phone or email for any queries you face. Our software is easy to use and understand, so it does not take long for you to get started with it. Our product is developed with the use of modern technologies and industry best practices. We guarantee that our product will be secured and quick to use, resulting in a secure system that can be used by small businesses as well as large corporations.

100% Data Security

We have implemented industry-standard security measures to protect your data.

24/7 Customer Support

Our Customer Support department is available 24/7 and offers a wide range of support options.

Automated Reports

Automated Reports allows you to create charts, graphs and text reports you need.

API Integrations

We provide API facility to our customers, they can use our APIs to integrate existing apps.

Connect your Favourite Apps

Connect your favourite apps and share data between platforms to streamline the workflow.

Regular Updates & Patches

We offer free software updates for all our products to keep the product secure and stable.

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Application Specifications

Shipment Manager

We help you to manage your shipments in one place. You can view all the shipments by folders or lot of other ways. We have a lot of bulk actions which you will do usually against single shipments can be done by selecting multiple at a time. You can select multiple shipments and update the status of them at one click. Similarly, the available bulk actions are a status update, apply charges, marking payment status, exp...
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Route Optimization

Route planning helps multi-stop route planning, track routes in live, re-plan routes in real-time & achieve dynamic route optimization. This results in saved empty miles, increased number of deliveries and improved customer satisfaction. Waybill calculates the best route when visiting multiple locations and then returning back to the start. It is ideal for delivery drivers, salespeople on the road, or anyone who need...
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Scan and Updates

Scanning and updating shipment status is a critical task for any company that handles containers. It is also one of the most challenging tasks as it requires constant monitoring and updates. The scanner updates the shipment status as per the requirement of the customer, which can be a pre-defined list of options or manually entered values....
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Multi Product Shipments

The multirow form inputs are used to add multiple products with the same quantity and unit price into one shipment. The shipping cost of each product will be calculated individually based on the weight and dimensions of each product....
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Price Configurations

Setup your own list of charges to apply the shipment fee. List of charge types can be set in the administration wizard called shipment settings. Adding new charges to the shipment will automatically the total freight charge and shows list of charges applied for the grand total....
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Shipment Tracking

Tracking shipment is one of the key factors in the logistic platform which endorses your identity in the market. customer satisfaction in terms of shipment update is always high with our platform with the help of email notifications and live updates. Shipment tracking page gives enough information about the customer shipment which will reduce the customer enquiries towards the shipment. Publicly available tracking an...
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File Manager

Upload an unlimited supporting document for each shipment you create. Document section can be utilized by both users and customers to provide shipment related documents. Drivers can also upload POD documents along with the delivery note at the time delivery. ...
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Activity Tracker

The Activity Tracker is a feature that allows you to view the history of activity on your shipments. This section only visible the authorized users to trace the history of activity on each shipment. Every action taken on shipment will be logged as activity and shown on the activity list. This will reduce the chances of incorrect shipping updates and changes....
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Invoice Configurations

Shipment Invoice is a lightweight and fully customizable invoice template that you can use for your business. It has many advanced features, such as multiple layouts, customizable colors and fonts, etc. This invoice template is 100% responsive which means it will resize to fit any screen size. You can also customize the whole invoice layout by adding/removing columns with ease. You can also customize the whole invoic...
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Shipping Labels

Shipping labels are very important part of shipping process. They are used to track the products during the shipment and also provide a proof of shipment. The shipping label is a type of document which helps in tracking the package through different stages and also provides proof of shipment. These labels have different types of layouts available to customize them according to your requirements....
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Store Integrations

Integrate the world's leading e-commerce platforms with your logistics software. The platform allows you and your customers to integrate their online stores with the platform without any coding knowledge. Integrating online stores will allow to Import orders directly from the store and ship it easily. Both automatic order import and manual order import gives you better control over the orders which need to be importe...
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Carrier Integrations

Carrier integrations are just one component of a logistics operation. But it’s a vital one. Distribution operations up to a certain throughput can work very well without it, as carrier requests can be manually made. But once orders increase, your dispatch systems start to become more disordered, especially if you’re using multiple carriers and are manually inputting data into different carriers’ systems....
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Import and Export

Importing shipments in Excel is one of the most important tasks for B2C logistic model. We make easy to use import templates to upload shipments into the system with customizable field options....
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Multiple Shipment Management

Managing shipments never been this easy. Optimized shipment page gives you complete control over multiple shipments. Multiple selection checkbox gives you the options to update and assign the shipments all at a time. Quick search and filters help you to filter the shipments based on different categories available in the software. This way you can pull the exact number of shipments which is needed to be updated at the...
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Users and Permissions

There are multiple types of user roles available in the system. User management section for all type users gives complete control over users. Each user role can be controlled through the permissions wizard by setting correct permissions for your user roles....
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Internal Messaging

Inbuilt internal messaging system specifically made for our users. There is no plugins or 3rd party providers behind the chat system which gives more secure communication between your employees and customers....
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Shipment Barcode

Barcode for your tracking number will be generated automatically based on your barcode encryption configuration. There are many barcode types available to choose from. The same will be printed in the shipment invoice and other places. Any USB supported barcode scanner can identify the tracking number to pull the shipment information....
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Report Customization

Reporting is a key feature in the logistic software industry which gives the actual summary of the business and serves other accounting purposes.'s reporting section is where you can pull any kind of filtered data based on your own requirement. You can also choose the fields that can be downloaded at the time of reporting....
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Billing and Invoicing allows creating consolidated invoices for multiple shipments. Multiple shipments for the same customer within a specific time period can be filters. Filtered results can be selected as multiple shipments to combine and bill together. The consolidated invoice will carry an additional invoice number for each invoice which can be manually changed. ...
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Social Networks Authentication

You can set up your own social login buttons for your customers to quickly register and log in without filling up the forms. This way you can turn most of your visitors into customers. Social network configuration wizard gives you all the information required to configure social network API's and obtaining their access to login screens....
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Template Customization

Print your shipment invoice and labels as per your own unique business design. All the printing options and layouts in the system are configurable and customizable. Template customization wizard will allow you to use customize the printing templates with a list of available values to fetch....
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Payment Gateways

Payment gateways are a way for you to accept payments online. You can integrate various gateways into your account, giving your customers an easy way to pay for their shipments....
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Centralized Control

Configure site-wide global values like default currency and default weight scales. This global configuration will help to organize the shipments in the system. Each shipment can be defined by the specific currency and weight scale. In the case of shipments without specific values will carry the globally configured values as default values....
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Shipping Rates

The Shipping Rates settings panel allows you to configure shipping rates for predefined weight and origin, destination. This configured shipping rates are used to show rates on customer shipping calculator and fetching rates while adding new shipments....
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Rate Calculator

The shipping rate calculator on the customer dashboard provides results based on the rate configured for the given origin, destination and weight. If the volumetric weight more the actual shipment weight specified by the customer then the rates will be shown for volumetric weight instead of actual weight....
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Booking Widgets

The booking widgets for shipments are designed to enable companies and their customers to easily access their service in one place. The widget provides real-time booking & tracking features on your website or mobile app....
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POD for Last-mile

We provide a digital signature functionality for drivers. The driver can log in to the system through the web portal or mobile application to get the signature from customers while delivering the shipments. Also, the driver can upload a signature in the format like images, PDF, and scanned images....
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Bulk Scanning

Bulk scanning feature is a very useful feature that drivers can use to update their shipments quickly and easily. As a driver, you will be able to scan the barcode on each of your shipments in bulk and get updated automatically....
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Live Tracking

We provide live tracking options for the customers to track the exact location of the driver for shipment collection or delivery. A live tracking link will be sent to the customers as soon as the driver assigned for the job....
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Containers and Manifest Exports

Containers help you simplify your duties by grouping similar shipments together so you do not have to keep track of each shipment individually. This saves you time, money and also makes it easier for you to manage your responsibilities as a carrier....
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Real Time Notifications

Enhance the shipment tracking experience of your customers with the help of an automated notification system. Real-Time communication via email and SMS not only gives your customers a sense of relief but, helps you meet their delivery expectation too....
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Fleet Management

Fleet management is a very important facet of any business. It is crucial for a company to manage its entire fleet effectively and efficiently, so that it can be used to its fullest potential by the drivers....
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Customer Billing

Billing your customers is one of the most important tasks in your business. Not only does it help you to track who owes you money, but it also gives you a clear picture of the overall sales and profit....
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News Feed Tool

Customer news feed option enables business owners to publish important news from time to time to keep their customers informed. The customer news feed will be displayed in the top right corner of the dashboard and is accessible by anyone who has logged into the platform....
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CMS Tool

Content Management System (CMS) is a software that manages the publishing of all kinds of content on the web. The software allows you to create and publish web pages, articles and other types of content in an easy way. ...
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Lead Integrations

Our logistics software platform offers lead integration features to integrate your website leads into the platform to manage them better. We offer various type of forms and customizable form builder application to build your own form and integrate into your websites....
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Warehouse Management

Warehouse portal makes order processing tasks simple and easy. We offer a dedicated portal for warehouse staffs to enter incoming orders and update outgoing orders. This portal also comes with a barcode scanner to find the packages faster with the use of a barcode scanner. Barcode scanner can be wired scanner connected to the computer or blue device. The camera-based scanner is also available for mobile devices....
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Cashier Portal

Cashier portal provides dedicated process management features for the cash collectors at the delivery locations. This feature is widely used for businesses that offer store pickup on the destination....
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Customer Support Portal

Customer support portal provides a simple and clean interface for your customer support team to pull customer information in one click....
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Customer Wallet

Customer wallet feature enables easiest mode of payment for your customers to pay shipping charges. Wallet transactions are fast and there are no processing charges, unlike payment gateways....
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Customer Referral Program

By using this feature, you can easily attract new customers who do not know about your company but want to buy something from it. This feature is also helpful in generating new business opportunities for your company by bringing new customers into the market....
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Tax Configurations

Tax configurations allow business owners to configure different type of tax rates based on shipment value and other factors. This is useful for businesses that ship frequently or have multiple locations. The configuration allows you to choose a base rate, apply shipping fees and percentage discounts....
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Shipping Discounts

We offer shipping discount configurations to create discounts for your customer on shipping charges. The most common use of this feature is to offer a flat-rate shipping charge per item, but you can also create discount configurations that enable you to give customers more than one item at the same time, or even multiple items over a certain period of time....
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