Our shipment manager is a comprehensive and easy-to-use software solution for managing shipments. It helps you to manage your shipping process in an efficient manner. The software has all the necessary tools to help you quickly find the information about your shipments and manage them better. Our shipment manager offers you a lot of bulk actions which you will do usually against single shipments can be done by selecting multiple at a time. You can select multiple shipments and update the status of them at one click. Similarly, the available bulk actions are a status update, apply charges, marking payment status, export shipments, export manifest, assign shipment to uses, assigning to drivers and lot more.

What's more? You will also get detailed reports on your transactions with different options like export transactions or import transactions along with their details like source and destination countries along with all other relevant information about your shipments like total quantity shipped or received along with all sorts of additional useful information about each shipment like weight value etc as per requirement.

Advance Search Algorithms
In a world where speed and accuracy are critical, you need a solution that can easily find the right shipment for you. Our software finds the best match for your shipping needs by combining various algorithms, which makes it faster and more accurate than other competitors.
Our software is designed to help logistics companies in their operations by providing a variety of search filters to choose from. You can use these filters to find the exact shipment you are looking for. We take care of all the calculations, so you don’t have to worry about them.
Searching specific shipments to update is a critical and time-consuming process in the logistics industry. Our software makes it simple and fast by providing a combination search algorithms to find any set of shipments with matching criteria applied on the filters. Search filters can be customized to your business to make the search easier and faster. An average search result of 1000 shipments takes less than 3 seconds to retrieved based on the matching criteria.

Customizable View 
The shipment listing page is completely customizable to the user preferences. The number of columns and details displayed in the list can be customized for each user roles and permissions. We also customize the data view more deep based on customer request to make shipment processing easier for the staffs.
To create a shipping list from orders, go to Orders > Shipments > Listing, where you can customize each column of your shipping list as per your business needs. You can also add multiple shipping lists at once for different customers or categories, such as bulk orders/incoming shipments, outgoing shipments/outgoing orders and so on.

Export Options 
Shipment listing page supports multiple export points. Staffs can export selected shipments into an excel report or manifest creations. This also allows generating invoice automatically based on the customers by consolidating similar shipment together.
Export to excel is a feature that allows exporting selected shipment details into an excel file. This can be used by the staffs to create a transaction report and invoice, or simply to send it to their manager or client for analysis and decision making.
The main advantage of this feature is that we are able to provide our customers with a detailed view of their shipment details from one central location, which will help them better manage their business activities as well as avoid duplicate invoicing and paperwork.

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