Managing shipments never been this easy. Optimized shipment page gives you the complete control over multiple shipments. Multiple selection checkbox gives you the options to update and assign the shipments all at a time. Quick search and filters help you to filter the shipments based on different categories available in the software. This way you can pull the exact number of shipments which is needed to be updated at the moment.

Mulitple selection

Choose multiple shipments to apply various actions like the batch update, status update, add to container, assign to a driver, assign to branch, assign staff or operator, create run sheet and deleting shipments. Quick search option helps to filter shipments with multiple values to retrieve the list of shipments.

Batch Status Update

Update status for multiple shipments at one click by choosing multiple shipments. Status applied through the batch update is similar to one by one status update with email notifications. Reduce shipment updating time by using this batch update feature and make the status update process much easier than before.

Assign Shipments

Assigning multiple shipments to a driver or container now become simple by choosing multiple shipments at one time and process the job. Assigning shipments to other branches and staffs gives them access to edit or update the shipments. This batch assigning shipment feature will make big difference in the flow of multi-branch environment.

Generate Runsheet

Now generating run sheets for a group of shipments to pick up or delivery in one click. This feature prints the exact shipments and shipment details which required for the pickup or delivery team to make the process simple. Run sheets can be printed or sent to delivery staffs email accounts. Additionally, you can choose what are the details need to be printed on the run sheet on template management section.

Batch Labels

Print labels for your shipments by selecting multiple at a time. This feature prints the entire label in one shot so it can be printed and pasted on the packages. Also, Shipment label template can be customized as per the company regulation on template customization section. This label format is 100% customizable by the administrator which will give complete customization over your label design.

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