What if I go over my plan’s monthly tracking quota?

If you exceed your monthly quota, any extra tracking charges depends on your plan: Small $0.10 each, Medium $0.08, Enterprise $0.06 each.

Do you offer enterprise solution?

Get in touch with our Sales team if your volumes are higher than 20,000 shipments per month and enjoy the benefits of our Enterprise plan.

What’s your service SLA?

We guarantee 99.95% monthly uptime. If we don’t meet our 99.95% monthly uptime guarantee, we’ll refund you 10% whatever you paid for that period of downtime.

Do you charge by API calls or webhooks notifications?

No - we charge by the number of shipments. The per-shipment fee includes all the API usage, webhooks and email notifications. So it does not matter how many API calls you make, we charge only the per shipment fee only.

Have any other questions? get in touch with us.