Customized Reports

Updated on 31 July, 2020

Reporting is a key feature in the logistics software industry which gives the actual summary of the business and serves other accounting purposes.'s reporting section is where you can pull any kind of filtered data based on your own requirement. You can also choose the fields that can be downloaded at the time of reporting.

Financial Reports

You can choose the right data before you download the reports. This will help to get the exact details to need to be pull from the system. Financial breakdown helps to analyze the business performance for every quarter or month. We also provide customized reports based on the business requirements to provide the report you expected from the system.

Delivery Reports

Delivery reports allow exporting delivery based data which will help manage Driver payouts and performance. Delivery reports contain each detail about the delivery including the time of delivery and cash collected data. The report can be download based on specific delivery staff to quickly pull out the staff based reports.

Cashier Reports

Cash collection process at the local store requires daily cash out reports to analyze the end of the day summary. Cashier reports come with customization options to see the actual data you wanted to pull from the system.

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