Containers and Manifest

Updated on 09 December, 2020

Containers are used to group the shipments into one airwaybill for easy maintenance. Multiple shipments can be added into one container and managing the status of the shipments become easy in one place. Creating containers for similar shipments which is traveling on the same route will reduce the time to maintain the shipments individually.

Group Shipments

Adding shipments into the container is simple as you can select multiple shipments using quick checkboxes and add them into the container by selecting the container from the list of available containers. Shipments can be grouped by box numbers within the containers to identify the shipments inside each box.


Downloading manifest for the container will help a lot in terms of customs clearance at the shipping port. Customizable manifest allows you to print exactly the details you wanted a print for the container. by default, manifest will list all the shipments and their details in a list format.

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