Cashier Portal

Updated on 09 December, 2020

The cashier portal provides dedicated process management features for the cash collectors at the delivery locations. This feature is widely used for businesses that offer store pickup on the destination. Using this portal cashier can search for customer shipments and invoices once they arrive. Multiple shipments and invoices can be selected for cashout. There are three payment modes available for cashier accounts CASH, POS, PAID options. Cashier portal provides -end of the day reports of cashiers- to know the total cash collected for the day.

The cashier portal also allows the cashier to assign the items to the storekeeper to pick up the orders from the back house for arrived customers. This generates a unique token number that can be used for the queue-based collection process at the store. The queue list can be displayed on the Monitor to know the status of the orders of the customers.

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