Carrier Integrations

Updated on 21 October, 2019

Carrier integration is a vital component of a logistics operation. Carrier integration brings your fulfillment processes and your shipping data together. Carrier integration is a perfect way to streamline the dispatch side of your business so that you can continue to maintain customer satisfaction. It is a streamlined process whereby shipments can be automatically streamlined booked, then the shipping labels are printed and tracking numbers are originated and managed.

Carrier integration automates your shipping processes, saving considerable time versus manually inputting multiple order details. Users will no longer have to access different portals to manually input data for different carriers.

When delivery details are accurate and tracking information is provided, then customers receive their orders and enjoy a positive retail experience. Automating the process produces a streamlined, more efficient method of connecting fulfilment and shipping.

An operation that saves time, improves efficiency, delivers accuracy and has satisfied customers is one that is minimising costs and maximising profits.

Waybill's integration platform is  a comprehensive platform that has three suites of integration, for carrier management, marketplaces, and retail. The system creates printable shipping labels and produces real-time tracking information for all shipments. All of this is done without leaving the carrier integration system.

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