Managing fleet operators is a big responsibility. You need to manage the staff and ensure that they are properly trained and ready for any situation that may arise. While you can do this manually with spreadsheets and phone calls, there's an easier way: Hire a fleet management app.

Fleet management apps allow you to track all of your drivers' information in one place — from their location to their driving history. They also give you an overview of how much time they spend on the road each day, allowing you to plan accordingly.

Track location through the mobile app

Logistics can manage the transportation of the goods and materials and involve various processes including warehousing, material handling, supply chain management, and the like. To smoothen the operations and address the ever-changing needs, the logistics domain needs technology support. There, the logistics mobile app helps you track the location of your driver. You can get real-time updates about delivery and the route of your fleet. It is always better to stay connected with your drivers and customers online.

Track location through the mobile browser

If your driver decided to use your platform through mobile browsers the live tracking becomes difficult to achieve due to recent browser policies. But platform uses out of the box scripts and techniques to continue tracking your driver location regardless of what device they use.

Track location through GPS device

The most basic use of GPS tracking is to keep track of where your vehicles are on the map. This enables you to see which vehicle is in motion and in which direction. With GPS tracking technology, you can monitor vehicle speed, routes, engine start-up, and shut down, idling, and routes. You can tell whether the vehicle is going to the assigned destination, the routes were taken, and when the vehicle is resting. It also comes in handy in locating a stolen vehicle. Such control of the fleet of vehicles is a key element to success in the transportation and logistics business.

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