Excel sheets are great for keeping track of sales, but they're not perfect.

They can't handle data that changes frequently, like orders or customer lists. And they're hard to use when you want to go beyond simple calculations.

If you need to do more than just add up numbers and create graphs, you should use a software application instead of Excel. Here are some reasons why:

You can view your data in different ways. For example, you might need to see an order by date or see how many orders were placed during a specific time period. With software, you can easily find these details without having to rekey your data into a spreadsheet or figure out where the information is stored in an Excel sheet.

You can easily share your work with others. You don't have to worry about losing data or inadvertently changing something when sharing with others because all communication takes place with one click or tap on a screen rather than moving paper back and forth between people like it does with spreadsheets or PDFs.

You'll have more control over what happens if someone accidentally makes changes while working on your spreadsheet (or even if they delete it). You won't need someone else's permission before updating the sheet.

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1. Easy to use:

Most of the software packages come with easy to use user interfaces that allow you to create professional invoices, order forms and other business related documents without any hassle. You can also communicate with your clients directly from within the software package and send them an invoice straight away.

2. Multiple functions:

A good invoicing software package should have a range of functions such as sales order generation, project management tools, inventory management tools, accounting reports etc., all of which are important for managing your business efficiently and effectively.

3. Proper data security:

Data security is always a major concern when it comes to using any kind of software package for your business activities; this is why you need to go for software that has been designed in such a way that it safeguards your confidential information against unauthorised access by hackers or intruders.

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